Thursday, February 16, 2012

OMG 80% SALE !!!

Have you heard?

It's true! If you like us on facebook, you will receive 80% off in HD skin M1 (except new releases)

It's that simple!

We hope you LIKE it!!!!

Okay okay want more details ?!!!

here's how it works !!

1 - Visit Unique Megastore 
in Second life:
1 - Click on the object, then click the "Start Buy" 
2 - Enter the Coupon Code obtained on Facebook
3 - Click the object with the right mouse button and choose "Pay".
4 - Pay the requested amount and wait to receive the Skin.

Ps.: If you don't have the coupon and you still want to buy the skin, then don't type anything in step 2. All other steps are exactly at the same!

Ummm and why's that ?!!!

because as a unique megastore team
We believe that a good relationship is built of several things and one of them is loyalty.
That's why we are giving our amazing customers a great opportunity. because we love our customers

Now !! LIKE on face book !!!!


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