Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vote to Help catwa

Catwa has always been one of the designer who talk to their fans
to know what they like most and hep them to reach maximum satisfaction 
She hasn't made any hair style lately and focused on Heads
and she really rocked the second life making wonderful realistic heads
and she wants to hear from u
what do you like to see from her more ?
Heads or Hair style 
please press this link and vote 
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Back and strong

Hellllloooooo People <3 <3 <3 
I missed you so much  and I missed blogging :/
however my real life was a mess ! seriously 
but as I promised 
I am back
and strong !
I am going to show you all the beautiful releases 
in fashion and decoration !
Today look is one of my favorites
as it's simple and sexy ! 
simple + sexy is my favorite equation ^_^ 

and I am going to tell you everything in details 

From : Catwa 
Name :CATWA HEAD Jessica
I will going to make exclusive post soon about catwa heads and why u must get one from there 
stay toned !

Picture of the hair hud 

From : Rezology
Name : rezology Sky 194 (mesh hair)

It has many colors and faprics 
From :  Delirium Style
Name : :: D-Style - Tube Dress Sporty :: Blue Stars

Close picture of it 
Picture of the hud
From : ArisAris-B&W
Name :  Gara34~Ritzy Stilettos

The green house theme  
It has many animation on the chair 
u can chill , read , stay calm and much more 
From : Aphrodite Shop
Name : Aphrodite Shop: "Botanical Corner"

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Happy shopping <3
Luv ya 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I am back :O

Omg It's like the worst year in my life !!!!
It was such a mess ! I don't know what to say
but Thank God it's getting better now
and I am finally and officially back and strong !
wait for me with the best collection ever !!!
it's getting better ;)
stay tones <3 xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Refreshing the Blog

Hello everyone , this's my first time to write a post but I wanted to keep you updated 
first of all I am Sandy's sister , and the reason why she didn't update her blog for long time that she's at the hospital 
however she's getting better now and you sure will see her writing you again very soon I hope
just keep praying for her!

I will try to copy her style to give you the Credit of the style
so please forgive any mistake 

The hair 
Name : TRUTH HAIR Malea

Outfit ( contains dress , boot , necklace , gun )
From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Sexy Gangsta - Full outfit
LM at Gangsta Fair sim 1

Hope I did well 
and please keep praying for sandy to be back soon
Thank you

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The wedding day

Hello everyone <3
Hope you're all doing great today and everyday
Many of you asked me about my wedding day because of the previous wedding guide and wedding
topics I used to make and said my wedding would be soon
Buy actually I broke up with my previous bf
that's why all my plans changed 

but don't be sad 
Actually it's good thing because I found my true self with my actual sweetheart :)
sometimes we don't see the truth which been standing front of our eyes all the time
we just need shock to make us see 

so if you ask about my wedding
it will come one day
I did not set date
or exact time
but it's coming
and it's

anyways today I am showing you 
one of the best wedding places ever
it's great for both personal use or if you are wedding agency
simple and cozy

Info &Credit :

Full decoration 
From : Your ♥ Dreams
Name : Wedding Love & Lavender

From : CATWA
Name : CATWA HAIR Flora

From : Celestinas Wedding
Name : .:(CW):. Trinity Gown Mesh Champagne

and Ofc The beautiful theme from 
Mystical Rental

Monday, March 30, 2015

Payless Sale event

Sale event coming in May
the applications for Designers and Bloggers are open now
follow the Link Here For info and applications links 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gonna serve you good

Hey everyone ^_^
hope your days are better than mine
I am lost in mid term exams 
#last_term lol
I wanted to make quick update for you before you forget me :P

This restaurant is perfect for urnban / RP sims 
also decoration for modern cities 
one of the best really
perfect mesh 
high quality 

Let me get you the details 

From : .:Bee Designs:. 
Name : .:Bee Designs:. Fifties Diner 

From : enVOGUE - Your Hairstyle Studio
Name : [enVOGUE] - HAIR Emily

From : Delirium 
Name : :: D-Style - Goth Angel Jacket w.HUD  ::
 RAFF 2015 exclusives

From : ! ODDITY
Name : ODDITY Pants ~Shameless~ Glossy Leather

From : .::Supernatural::.
Name : .::Supernatural::. Pitty heels black

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Saying hello

Hello everyone 
Hope you're doing great

I am here today to say hello 
and sorry same time

I know I couldn't update u much this week
or couldn't update you at all lol
sorry :/
it's My mid terms exams week in rl
I am so busy
but I promise to update u more next week xoxo

let e show you quick pictures of today product

This's one of the most realistic and amazing building product I've ever seen in sl
available in 3 colors
can fit any theme sim land
grass , sand or street
so perfect <3


From : .:M.LAW:. Designs 
Name : .:M.LAW:. Allerton Caravan 


From : Catwa
Name : This hair is mix between
CATWA HAIR Flora ( skull and bangs used )
CATWA HAIR Jolie ( Ponytail used )

Full outfit ( heel included )
From : Melak Fashion
Name : ::MF:: Sweet n Sexy w: Heel and accessories

Monday, March 16, 2015

The green day

Hello guys
hope it's great day for u and u had wonderful weekend
Today I am bringing u some Irish celebration items !!

Let me show you 

Let me show you info 

Celebration party items 
From : Aphrodite
Name : Aphrodite St Patricks party- MEGA party with shamrocks, clover

From : Melak Fashion
Name : ::MF:: Sandra Hair Style

From : Son!a Luxury Fashion
Name : Son!a Julie Dress Irish - with appliers

Enjoy <333

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I am different Hello

Hello guys ^_^ 
another day and another update !! 
hope you're doing just fine 

Another update from Biker's Choice Fair !!
I want to let u know that it's going great
all great 
people love to shop there 

I love it because it's different and I am different 
it's so my type 
these sexy leather styles are just wonderful 
and today I wanna show u biker's garage !!

Looks wonderful 
remind me of GTA style !!
love it 
so perfect for personal use or RP sims
Exclusive at the fair

also the full avatar and outfit are exclusive too

The Garage :
From : M.LAW Designs 
Name : .:M.LAW:. Bikers Garage 

From : CATWA
Name : CATWA HAIR Jolie

Avatar - Mesh head - 
From : .:LV:. Lee Valentine Designs 
Name : ::LV:. Angie Mesh Head

Full Outfit 
From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Rockista

The Fair LM : Here