Monday, January 26, 2015


The pose of this picture Not in sl ANYMORE

Hey ^_^
Hope you're all doing well today 

Who loves Enrique Iglasias??
well I do!! LOL
so while you're reading this listen to this song ^_^
It got me in the mood :D
It called ( Tonight )

Okay , in this post I wanna show u my new bed room

This is mostly everything
well there's hidden chair doesn't appear in the Picture LOL

I'll show u each part with details

first the bed

It takes the modern way

when you click the bed you will Get the main Menu 

as You know I do not shoot adult animation 
but I'll show you each menu 

I really love that there're many animation there
it can fit everyone 

then the other part

I love this closet too much!!!
it is so like my real closet LOL
except I have more clothes in rl :P
but it's perfect !!!<3

and the Chair ^_^
very sweet shape
and this is it's menu 

Basic info about the Product :

Name : TA 212 Bed Set 
From : :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture


Now it''s time for the fashion tips ^_^

Full Body shoty
back picture of the Hair
From : CATWA

From :MAAI
Name : MAAI Wabi lingerie 
Date: February 1st to 15th, 2015

Close picture of the shoes
Shoes Hud
From : GAS Clothing Company
Name : GAS [Slink MESH Pumps Paris - 10x10 Colors w/HUD]

From : :Belle Poses: 
Name : :Belle Poses: Sugar ~N~ Spice
- Not all the pack poses used -

Happy Shopping ^_^

Live your life Happily

Hello guys ^_^
Hope u r doing fine 
and hope u are all have happy life
coz if u don't , u need to have happy life !!

Life is should u need to live it happily ^_^

and today I wanna show u something really made my day
and made me spend one of the wonderful days in my life ^_^

Is it Not clear enough?

Yeah wonderful swimming Pool 

and let me show u picture of each part of it ^_^

OFC you can click each picture for better view !!!

Now about the animation !!

we start with the pool itself

The pool poses
and I pictured [some] of them

Then the towel beside the pool

The animation types
and I took a pictures of some of them

then we have 2 types of chairs

single animation only and couple or single animation 

we start with the single animation 

then the other type

and only few of them are pictured

Then we have the DJ 

One animation shooted
the massage room

Adult animations is not shooted 

Isn't this just wonderful !!!!
you need to get some full and try this out

Let me tell u info of it ^_^

Basic info about the product :

From : Bee Designs
Name : .:Bee Designs:.Kahala poo
Prims: 180
Price: L$ 590


Now the fashion tips ^_^

Paul's Fashion :

From : *ARGRACE*

Swimming Suit 
From : *CS* & !SW! Store
Name : *CS* -MESH!- Nano Surfer Red Board Shorts

Sandy's Fashion 

From :  *ARGRACE*

Swimming suit 
From :  GizzA Creations 
Name : GizzA - Sunshine Swimsuit

Name : *GA* Shoes Stefani Flip Flops Berry Suede

From : :Belle Poses: 
Name : :Belle Poses: Laugh & Love

If wanna rent in a beautiful place
like this land in the picture 
From : Mystical Rentals
Plz visit :

Enjoy it ^_^

Sunday, January 25, 2015

He says that I am an angel

Hey guys ^_^
it's the third post today for me
not much right ? :P

Actually after deciding not to post again today
I went to explore some places 
and I found this cute statues of an angel :D

Then it reminds me of Paul
who used to say to me that you're an Angle ^_^
I am not - Lovers talk - LOL
He reminds me of my mom heheh :D

when I saw that I wanted to capture the moment
and ofc share it with you as usual

Front Picture

Back Picture

and here're the Tips :

From : analog dog island
Name : .b - mizu  

Necklace :
Close Picture

The Hud
From : .: RealEvil Industries :. 
Name : **RE** ReVoX Necklaces - BG - MOM

Earing and Ring 
From : Swallow Skin and Accessory
Name of the earing : Swallow Chic Earrings
Close Picture
The Hud

Name of the Ring : Swallow Chic Ring
Close Picture
The Hud

Top :
The Hud
From : *Stars*Fashion*
Name :*Stars*Fashion* Kara

Pant :
Name : GizzA - Josie Pants 
More colors available

Heel :
Close Picture
From : ArisAris MainStore
Name : ArisAris ~B&W  Pin-up Peeptoes

From : . Overlow Poses .
Name : Overlow Poses - Pack 47
- The pack has more animation -

Happy shopping ^_^