Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cute Little surprise

Hello everyone ^_^

hope you're all doing great :D
it's been really busy day today
but I couldn't forget updating you with new amazing releases and offers :D

Let me show you the full shot

First this cute ladder ^_^
adorable and coming in time ...
VALENTINE !!! very soon guys
and we all need these cute little things for decorations 
and to surprise our loved ones xoxo

so the ladder is such cute decoration for your house ore store 
and the quality is great
it's small but I love it's details !!
really it must have

Second the Outfit 
not because I sell it :P
but because it's complete outfit
comes with the high heel
and L$99 O N L Y 
I won't talk about the details
because u have eyes to see :P 

I won't talk so much but here're the tips ^_^

From : !! Follow US !! 
Name : !! Follow US !! Black ladder - Valentine (love)

Name : TRUTH HAIR Nathalia

From : ::MF:: Melak Fashion
Name : ::MF:: Nagla - Black

From : Aerial poses
Name : Bag poses (2)


Don't walk alone at night

Hello guys ^_^
hope you're doing well :D 
It's been long time since I bloged dark theme post
because I was focus on valentine posts xD

but it's time to post u again about dark looks

and personally
I reallllly  Love this look
soo amazing and I am really sure U will love it too ^_^

Click the picture for better view

From : CATWA
Name : CATWA HAIR Jessie

Top :
From : Delirium Style
Name : :: D-Style - Obvilion Shine Sweater w.HUD ::
The Hud

From : Riske Mainstore
Name : Riske - Seduce Leather Mini (Red)
Many colors are available 
@Fashion Fair 2015 
Starts Feb 1st

From : Revolver 
Name : r. Sinful Clutch
Many colors are available 
@Fashion Fair 2015 
Starts Feb 1st

From : .: KC :. Couture 
Name : .:KC:. GIORGIA for Slink High Feet
FatPack Hud

From : Aerial poses and props
Name : AE Bag poses 1

and I don't want to mention the place of the great theme 

Enjoy it ^_^

Friday, January 30, 2015

Love yourself

Hey everyone ^_^

hope you're doing great ^_^
since Valentine is coming 
I wanted to say 
the one who needs to be loved the most is you
if you can't love yourself u won't be able to love anyone else 

and today I want to show this amazing vanity 
which I put it in my room
The vanity is the only place you can look at yourself and smile
and see your true self

The vanity in day light

In the night

and when u set u sit get this menu

whenever you choose something
it rezzes the probs 

like this

or this

now some basic info about the product :

From : < HEART HOMES >
Name :  "Coco" Vanity Set for Women 
Prims : 10
Price : L$575

Fashion tip

Name : TRUTH HAIR Colbie

The Fatpack Hud
From :  [FLRN] 
Name : [FLRN] Erin Dress

Changing Color Hud
From : ^^Swallow^^ 
Name : ^^Swallow^^ Ear Cuff Cross

Changing color Hud
From : [LaVian&C0]
Name : [LaVian&C0] FW2015 Iseult Ankle Boots

@Fashion Fair
Starts Feb 1st

Enjoy it ^_^

Prince Adam room

Hey Guys ^_^
this is prince Adam 
the cutest little price ever

Today we were decorating his room and he wanted to 
share this room with u sayin ** mith thandy eferyboty thoud thee tis woom **
he wanted everybody to see the room
and get your sweet little boys one like it 

Let me show you the room 

this is how the room looks
and I'll show u close look for each part

The bed
and it's Menu

now the cute little chair

and it's menu

this is so sweet room guys
and every little boy deserve something sweet like this ^_^

Let me give you the basic info 

From : Aphrodite Megastore
Name : "Snow Prince" Kids Bedroom Set v1.1
Price : L$ 1250
Prims : 25

Happy shopping ^_^


Hey guys ^_^
hope you're fine 

It's been 3 days now since Paul lost his connection :S
but I'll always be waiting ^_^

So I've spent the time decorating ^_^

Let me show u this amazing room :D :D

this is far away look

let em show u each part 

and let me show u the animation menu 

some instructions 

✔Textures changable 
✔Turn on "Advance Lighting" in your viewer preferences to see the material effects.
✔ Click "Tartessos" label in couch and armchair to change textures.
✔Click the poufs shadow prim to change textures
✔ Click the turntable vinyl to turn on/off
✔Click other turntable prim to dance menu

Some basic info about the product 

From : :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture
Name : TA 212 Couch Set


And the fashion tip 

Hair :
From : TUTH
Name : TRUTH HAIR Kimbra

From  [LaVian&C0]
Name : [LaVian&C0] FW2015 Soul Deep

From  .: KC :. Couture 
Name : .:KC:. CASSY for Slink High Feet

From   Overlow Poses 
Name : Overlow Poses - Pack 6 
Not all the poses in the pack used

Enjoooy ^_^

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New business woman in town

Hello guys ^_^
Here's another post for today xD

I was thinking lately to open business in sl
and since I spent like 4 years in sl as kid avatar
I thought it should be kids related 

and I saw these cute lil stores !!!!
so cute and eye catchy 

brighty colors and low prims 

Let me show u

you can buy each color separately 
or get the fatpack of the 3 colors
each store is 2 floory 
close up
The footprint 13x10.5
Price of the fatpack L$ 2200
And they're modify , copy , no trans
copy means u can get like million of copies and rezz as much as u want
to get your mall or rental stor erea done 

The info about the product :
From : Candy cloud
Name : Candy cloud : Series vintage building 

Fashion tip :

From : Ploom
Name : .ploom. Lynette

From : S H E Y
Name : SHEY -Mira Cocktail Dress
The Hud contains more colors

From : .: KC :. Couture
Name : .:KC:. MUNICH BOOTS - Slink High & Standard 

If wanna rent in a beautiful place
like this land in the picture 
better view

From : Mystical Rentals
Plz visit :

Enjoy it :*

Morning coffee

Hello guys ^_^
Hope you're doing great 

I've been looking for cute coffee table to put outside my bed room for long time
yeah there're many out there but I wanted something super simple and cute

and finally I found this 

it really fits the place
and looks so simple and cozy

and I put 2 cup of coffee

 and simple flower 
- the flower is not yet for sale -

so I wanted to share it with you

The chairs has some nice simple animations

and here's the Menu

Let me give you the basic info 

The table and chairs + Coffee 

From : Fancy Decor
Table set Name : FD: Bistro Table
Coffee Name : FD: Demitasse

and as usual I am sharing with you the fashion tip 

From : Ploom
Name : .ploom. Vinnie 

Name : GizzA - Oversize Knit Top

From : Delirium Style
Name : :: D-Style - Avril Jeans w.HUD ::

Shoes :
From : .: KC :. Couture 
Name : .:KC:. ANNA Heels for Slink High & Belleza Venus

Enjoy it :*