Friday, August 19, 2011


Style info :
Skin : MOJO 
speical edition

At MOJO will be sell a special skin to celebrate more than  8k people in the group.
The  event start Agust 20 and end 30 August 30 2011
  The price will be 100 linden

It's really pretty skin and it's 100L$ (ONLY )
Soo be there tomorrow !! and dun miss it
Skin original picture

 Hair :^;^CaTwA^;^ Tara Roots/Espresso // tara-flowers
I do love this hair alot
it's perfectly cute
one of my best hair I've ever seen in sl
Go try it yourself

Outfit : Delirium Style -  XXX
No need to talk about Delirium outfits and how HQ they are
this one is so sexy and beautiful 
I hope u like it as much as I do ;)

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