Sunday, August 14, 2011

The silent beauty

Ello everyone , I know it's been crazy last few days and I didn't have a chance to chat with you a bit LOL
anyway u know about my connection issues and I am just trying to put the new releases for u

but this post is so special , coz everything in it is just perfect
skin, hair , dress , heel and poses .
everything is new but the skin n heel they're bit old but they still very beautiful

and way the skin is from 
the body co.

it's not just that ton u can choose from many tons there
and u can play mix and match with the rest of the amazing makeup
it comes with it's shape but not that one
in fact that one is personal shape which I made and love
but I can assure u the original shape is as good as that .

Let's talk about the perfect hair ?
okay first of all it's officially my fav hair in sl
^;^CaTwA^;^ Basma/Espresso
it comes with root V. and regular one so u can choose your best
and dun forget catwa's attachment can fit it's other hair as long as they're same color 
so get it and also play mix n match !!

and now u can see the perfect new bridal gown 
Son!a Laura Bridal Golden
it comes with long or without sleeves 
it's ur choice and style
perfect as always from Son!a's new collection which will be in the blog so soon

dun forget to get you amazing matching heels 
there's no gown without heel right ?
Opium Straps&Rings Colours
he heel has hug to change color and ofc to set your skin and nails color

dun forget the amazing poses 
.ploom. Poses - NaNaNa01
it's the newest at Ploom and it released just today
with amazing hair will be shown so soon in the blog 

so dun go anywhere wait for today's new posts !!

Again the style info if you dun like to read above hahaha

Skin :the body co.

Hair :^;^CaTwA^;^ Basma/Espresso - NEW
Dress :Son!a Laura Bridal Golden -NEW

Heel :Opium Straps&Rings Colours

Pose : .ploom. Poses - NaNaNa01 - NEW

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