Friday, October 7, 2011

What's going on ?

what's going on with secondlife-fashion ?
( OMG 10 days and there's no update ? )

( what's going on with your blog ? )

(Hey cute , are u closing the blog ? )

okay all these questions and comments I got when I loged in to sl after only 10 days aways
I know I havn't left message but My xomputer broke down @.@

so , yep 10 days without update .. sorry blame my computer :p :xD

nothing is going on I gonna update it today haha

and ofc NOT ! I am not closing the blog ... NEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER ..

and after all I'd like to thank all of u who sent asking about me and see if I am alright or not !
only yesterday I knew how amazing to have u guys , best followers eveeeeeeeeeeeer <3

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