Sunday, September 29, 2013

Normal day

Another day in sl , do not make it boring 
enjoy as much as you
go around
meet people 
or tell you what GO SHOPPING
it's fun right :D
for me it feels great to go shopping
specially when u have amazing new releases around
in this picture u can see me wearing brand new things
let's start with this AMAZING LONG hair
it's brand new from RED MINT 
(r)M Hair No.12'13 ( g o l d e n B r o w n s ) 

Also this cute shirt
oh wait a second it has a HUD !! to change textures
so it's not only micky pictue
there are amazing textures fit all styles and tell your man that they can match with u
since there are men version ;)
it's brand new from Delirium style 
D-Style - Hayley Long Vest

and this amazing skinny jeans which I REALLY REALLY love
and think it's great match for my outfit
it's new from NS:: Cutie Store
NS::  Blue Jean ripped  (mesh)

about the shoes and purse
they came in 1 package 
and price will surprise 
go check now ;)
 -SSW- Rockabilly Dots Black / White
ahh btw there are another color if you are interested :D :D 

enjoy your day girls

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