Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moving out

yayyyyyyy I moved out to an amazing neighborhood
it's beautiful and people there are friendly 
so from now on I am enjoying my life with my family 

but to walk around in a new neighborhood I need to feel special
they call me the fashion lady there
I need to keep that tittle
so guys what do you think of this outfit ?
I took a tour in the place with it
it did catch everyone eyes
so I'll share the style info with u

starting with the hair 
it's brand new from Castellian
[Castellian] Rachel Hair

and THE DRESS!!!! oh caps it's because I LOVE IT very much
it makes me feel sexy and comfortable at the same time !
it's new from ARISKEA
ARISKEA// Omerogic  mesh collections // Outfit 1
ahhhh btw has a great collection of new dresses and fits
let me list the rest for u quickly 

aren't they great ?? 
I told ya ;) :D

any way let's move to that boot !
damit what should I write 
it is just PERFECT
First of all I got all the colors
it has 9 colors
yes 9 !!!
so your fav will be there for sure
it has black , brown , coral , green , purple, silver , taupe , teal & zebra
it's new from Latreia
Latreia- Lejna Brown

I guess by now u know I wear AL VULO skin right ? :D

ooh I do not want to forget to tell you
I pose IOS Hide Face Poses for [Room69]

enjoy your shopping :D

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