Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yes I am CaTwA girl !

Hey guys !
how're you doing ?!!

okay I am back full time now yayyyyy !!!

okayyy now about catwa girl name 
recently lots of ppl calls me that !!!
well they're right giggles !!!

I do adore catwa 
it's nothing because I work for her 
it's because she's getting me the right sexy style
in high quality
and cheap price 
always work to satisfy customer and make sl better !!

so yeah I am proud to be called catwa girl !!

that's why I am back wearing catwa loooool

BELLA V3 catwa's latest release !!!

umm what else from catwa !!
yeah the rose 
^;^CaTwA^;^ Morticia One Rose
this one I can never take it off from my hands !!!

what about the rest of the style ???

okay :

 ! R3VOLT !
[R3] - Luna Strapped Top V2 (Leopard)

 ! R3VOLT !
[R3] - Bay High-Waist [V2]

N-core DESIRE Leopard (Mesh)


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