Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cutie Hottie

Hello again guys

I am posting today an amazing outfit from my point of view
it is so simple and so hot

wearing it makes you feel special 

the best thing about it is the mix and match

it is not a full outfit

you will have to buy the things from many stores

anyways let me tell you what to do to get this outfit !

first of all travel to CATWA 
to get the bran NEW hair 

which has 2 amazing option in the back 
check CATWA's facebook page to know all about Mimi style and the updates

travel to delirium style to get the tank n top in 1 pack
D-Style - Dani Top and Tank w.HUD
ofc it has HUD as usual to be able to change the color and texture 

After that go to EMPORIUM 
to get that sexy short
EMPORIUM - Jeet Shorts
it has HUD as well for textures changing


the sexy heel from Latreia
Latreia- Inspiration Stilettos
yeah it has HUD too lol

Being Cutie Hottie will make u achieve you fame dream one day ;)

NEVER give up on your dreams 

Happy shopping ^_^

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