Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New @ Son!a

New Extra Colors:

10th Dec Releases @ Catwa

Yasmeen Hairstyle
Flowers are not included, they are available for sale at Catwa inworld Store and also at marketplace
Yasmeen Flowers
Buy online
Candy Hairstyle
Buy online
Yuna Hairstyle
Buy online
Yara V1 Hairstyle
 Buy online
Yara V2 Hairstyle 
or buy Them from the store in this LM :

Clothes: Delirium Style

Please IM Catwa Clip if you need Help!
Taken from CaTwA's blog

important updates

I'll post you some important updates happened this month while I was away@ some of my fav stores then I'll show you my fav styles of the week

ooooh right I was about to forget

Marry xmas :xD


Hello everyone
I am sorry havn't been here a full month BUT
I have my own excuse I was really tired @ The hospital.
but I am back NOW :D