Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My 21 birthday

heyyy :)

my 21 birthday look
actually it's not my 21 birthday looool
but I saw the celebration and I wanted to help the girl with her look 
to be like a queen in that special day

it's so simple 

Hair  :
[Castellian] Zoey Hair 
- NEW -

Dress :
Son!a Micca Mesh Gown petal gold
- NEW -

Sexy time

Hello lovelys 
I got these stuff latley and I matched them  togther to make this casual sexy outfit
and I thought u may wanna know more about it 

here're the info :

Skin :
[ Al Vulo! ] - [Berry] - [Peach]

Hair :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Morticia Hair  
- NEW -

Top :
<Toxic Bish> CRAZY Tops
- NEW -

jewel :
Baubles! by Phe GlossyPuffBangles
- NEW -

Baggy :
Delirium style - D-Style - Alliana Cargos
- NEW -

Shoes :
Yantai :: Shoes  :: 10 Colors :: {kokoia}
- NEW -

Pose :
No more in sl

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some self time

hello girlz :D
hope u doing great :D :D 

okay this post some picture of my normal day
no specific pose coz it's just my AO standing in sweetheart to dance

soooo let me tell u my secret of fashion

Skin :
Glam Affair - Lucy

Hair :
""D!va"" Hair "Kalli2"
- NEW -

Dress :
Son!a Tessy Feathers Mesh-top Dress Sky
- many colors -
- NEW -

shoes :
-SSW- Lace Diamonds Stilettos


Friday, October 25, 2013

Time of the season post 2

hey girlzz
hope u r all fine :D

another post of the time of the season 
yeah I lovvvve this type of clothes and that time of the year

okay let me get into the subject 

Skin :
Glam Affair - Lucy

Hair :
.ploom. Thorn - Ploomage
- NEW -

Dress :
ARISKEA// Dance On mesh collections // Bass
2 MORE COLORS are available 
- Rockabily Fair -

shoes :
Yantai 2 :: Shoes  :: 10 Colors :: {kokoia}
- NEW -

jewel :
Baubles! by Phe PitchBangles&Ring
- GroupGift -

Pose :
.ploom. Poses - Hang In There
- NEW -

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time of the season

hey heyyy
how yall doin ???
hope everything is great
and hope u missed shopping like me :D

for me I love this time of the season 
it's fashion taste and colors
so when I went shopping I wanted to get something special 
to make me look different 
I thought a glasses and high heel with open shirt will be perfect
and yayyy I got what I wanted

here're the tips and surprises !!!

Top :
PurpleMoon Creations 
:: PM :: Faye Top in Orange [MESH]
- HUNT -

jewel :
PurpleMoon Creations 
:: PM :: Atomic Set in Gold/Orange
- HUNT -

glasses :
PurpleMoon Creations
:: PM :: Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Orange
- HUNT -

Hair :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Jessica Rainbow Hair  
- NEW -

Jeans :
Red Mint 
( R E D ) M I N T ~ J E A N S ~ SIDE DROP (No.4) >  
- SALE -

Nails :
PurpleMoon Creations 
:: PM :: Metallic Nails in Orange
- HUNT -

Bag :
PurpleMoon Creations 
:: PM :: Mara Handbag in Orange

- HUNT -

Shoes :
Oxford :: Shoes  :: 10 Colors :: {kokoia}
- NEW -

Pose :
Not in sl anymore

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween post 6 : Serving in hell

hello sexys ;)
hope yall doing great
I found this amazing costume for halloween and I wanted to show u

bloody maid , serving in hell style

you can get your hair from :
[Castellian] Sindy Hair

and the outfit including the cake and the pose  from :
RoTtEn DeFiAnCe 
[*RD*]*Betty Baker-Orange & Black Bloody*
- NEW -

then don't forget to match your shoes from :
-SSW- Halloween Heels 02
- NEW -


Friday, October 18, 2013

Normal fashion

 Hello everyone :D
this's another topic for today but not for halloween ;)

let's get back to our normal fashion
this's one of my simple fashion
looks decent and cute

so what am I wearing ?

Hair :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Isabella V3

Top :
Delirium style - D-Style - Annmar Tank/Vest Solid Cross HUD
- NEW -
- hud to change texture and color-
u can hide the vest and use only the t-shirt

Skirt :
P I X E L I T E S  I N C .  - ::PL:: Anwen boho skirt - Silver/Black
- NEW -
- BOHO Fair -

Let's do some magic

Hello agaaain :D
for me I decided what to wear in Halloween - I guess o.O -
anyway I showed the style before
but I bet a lot of u havn't decided yet
so I am helping u
once I find a cute dress or style u can wear I 'll show u and u pick

okay now here're the tips :

Hair :
Tameless Hair Monica

Dress :
NS CUTE STORE - NS::  Witch Costume (mesh)
- NEW -

I killed nobody

Hey guys ^_^
hope yall doing fine :D
soooo helloooo halloween 
this's the best style for me I saw so far
so bloody reminds me of insane doll lol 
kill kill kill
one insane night halloween will be 
let me tell u the tips of the style so we all can be insane for one night !

Hair :
Tameless Hair Indigo - Bloodsoaked

Outfit :
Arisaris AA4 Scissors forever

the style is so simple but very amazing 
try it and u will never lose :D
have fun shopping 
see yaaa muaaaah <3

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn looks awesome

 helloz girlz :D
hope yall doing fine <3

here I want to show u my new style which I really like 
no more talk
here are the tips :

Hair :
[Castellian] Theonilla Hair

Top :
MM5 Rock!-Hot Autumn Sweater-Woman Mesh
- NEW -

Skirt :
>Something Sexy< Iva - Bazaar

shoes :
SILLY SPOILED WHORE - -SSW- Autumn 2013 Gift Shoes~
- GIFT -

pose :
not in sl anymore

Monday, October 14, 2013

More fashion

heyyyyyyyyyyy one more time today 
well since I am bored today so I wanted to show u more fashion and take your opinion 
here's simple casual look but I really really like
it makes me feel that I am so cute lol

I won't talk so much
here's the credit 

Hair :
Tameless Hair Opal 

LavandaChic*Lace Blusa*Pink
- FATPACK week event -
- colors are available -

bracelet :
Baubles! by Phe WandererBangles  
- NEW-

jeans :
Delirium style - D-Style - Easy Slim Jeans 01
- BOHO fair -

shoes :
>Something Sexy< Soraya - Pack C
 *FaPack*Week event

pose :
No longer in sl

walking around

Hello hello :D

hope everyone is great and had amazing weekend

okay today I felt really bored :/
so I dressed up and decided to walk around in my neighborhood

Do u wanna know what brands I was wearing ?!

ok let's see !

Hair :
[Castellian] Isabely Hair  
- NEW -

Top :
NS:: Cutie Store - NS  Ulala Shirt Mesh
- Travel fair -

Skirt :
LavandaChic*Gypsy Skirt* YPG*
- fatpack week event -
so OFC other colors are available

shoes :
Latreia /D-Style- Peggy PinUp
- NEW -

Pose :
No longer in secondlife

Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Another halloween style

Hi again ^_^
Hope u are doing okay :* 

everyday we get a step closer to halloween
are u ready yet ?
do u know what will you wear ?

for me I havn't decided yet but this look is the closest for now
I am so in love with dark / vamp / goth style 
and this looks makes me feel like a dark quessn muahahahahah :D lol

fine let me put more action less talk
here's the style credit :

Hair :
Tameless Hair Trinity
- NEW-

Dress :
GizzA - Deathly Silence [Black]  
- NEW - <3 <3

Shoes :
Latreia /D-Style- Peggy VooDoo
- NEW -
comes with hud to change texture and color

black .. black .. black

heyyyy there black lovers !!!

who love black like me ?!!!!

u do ?
okay how do u think of this look ? adorable isn't it ??

I know u can't wait to know the style credit !

here it is !

Hair :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Tina
- NEW -
this hair is my favorite and will be for long long time !!!

Dress :
***ArisAris Ag87 Leilani
- NEW -

access :
Baubles! by Phe SpikedCrossClaviclePiercings Box (Feeb's)
- NEW -

shoes :
 SILLY SPOILED WHORE - -SSW- Summer ends 02

pose :

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I am sexy and I know it

Hello again guys :D
hope u all having a good day / night 

actually today I wasn't planing to post anything 
I went to dance and have some me time :D
but I found that this look is too sexy to not post about it 

so here's a quick review :

Hair :
*Calico* Penny

Skin :
candy fair exclusive

Top wz bra :
Delirium style - D-Style - Off Shoulder Cardigan
HUD to change the top color
Travel fair

pants :
GizzA - Let Loose Pants
Many colors are aviable

shoes :
HANNOVER :: Shoes  :: 10 Colors :: {kokoia}
hud to change color

pose :
from - .ploom. Poses - Oh! Darling

New @ CaTwA 10 Oct 2013

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful day


This is such a beautiful day
but I am lazy to write anything loooool I want just to enjoy it
anyways the look doesn't need any comment
I guess every single product in it just amazing

let me list them for u 

Skin :
Essences ~ Candy Princess ~ White ~ lumiere
 @ Candy Fair

Hair :
.ploom. Vanellope 
@ Candy Fair

Dress :
U:Refined  - {U.R.} Sweetheart Bodycon Dress with Slit - Red
more colors are available 
- NEW-

shoes :
Latreia- Alliana Multi - Bitchtail
more colors are available
- NEW-

pose :
BEZ! Singles - Cuves package

Friday, October 4, 2013

New look

Hi again everyone 
hope you are enjoying your sl :D

well today post I wasn't going to do anything but shopping
and I saw these amazing mix and I thought I must share it with you

okay first of all there 's a good news
this adorable skin is FREE !!
group gift actually 
go now and grab it !
none ever can tell it's free
very high quality and comes in 3 tones wooot !

then this new hair from 
called :
[Castellian] Jasmine Hair
go and try the demo then find your hair tone color 

ummm what else
oh yeah 
first I will talk about this shoes !
why ?
okay not only beacuse it's AMAZING and sexy
but also because it is the only good shoes in the market it's color contains my outfit color mix
[ gold , brown and black ] in one shoes
okay more details about it !
it's 1 shoes comes with the hud which contains lots of coloes not only that but also
there are 4 Huds
so A LOT of colors
where from ?
good question 
what does it call ?

they let's talk about this shirt
well it is both shirt n jacket in 1 pack 
comes with hud to mix and match your favorite color 
from :
called :
NS:: Unique Style Vest and Shirt Mesh

and the PANTS !!!
once again I represent you Son!a brand new products
Son!a Rina mesh pants gold
and as it's from son!a by now u should know that there are many colors 
and high quality

I hope you liked my look
enjoy your shopping

New releases

Style :

 Pose :
 D.Luxx Poses - Such a Poser [M] 

Hair :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh John Hair  
- NEW -

Pants :
Delirium style :
D-Style - Urban Legend Pants Male
- NEW -

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going to club

 This night must be fun !
I am getting ready to go and dance in a club
so how's my look ?!
for me I love it !
so sexy right ?!!!

ah ofc it is I am wearin NEW CaTwA hair which is AMAZING 
go now and try the demo !!! then buy it lol 
called :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Stella Hair 

and I guess I do NOT need to talk about this dress and shoes
which are coning together in 1 pack
ah with bracelets too
guess what 
it's from Son!a
by saying that I guess u knew how high quality they are
makes me feels sexy and special !!
go now and get
Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango
u can find many colors ;)

ah about tattoo
it's very nice one from *So&So Design*Store 
called :
*So&So*Steampunk Tattoo

once again this is not my original skin to be honest but it is too good to hide it
it's  AL VULO skin
called :
al vulo- Lyria*  dolly

I guess now I am ready to have some fun !!!!
you too girls ;)
get ready have fun ! <3

Ready for Halloween ?

Hello again guys :D
Are you ready for halloween???
 do you know where to go or what to wear ???

ummm for me I don't know where to go :@
but I want to feel sexy this time !!!
I do not want just bloody outfit like very year 

so look up at the picture and tell me what do think !
I'll show you many outfits and dresses and I want your opinion on what should I wear
and ofc I'll give you ideas because everything I'll post will be just awesome 

what about this short dress ?!
it's from Keresma store
called :
Keresma - Bow dress - Halloween polka dots

and I wanted to match my hair to it 
so orange !!!
but if you like the hair ofc you can buy your favorite tone
it's from Ploom 
.ploom. The Boobies Show Birthday Event

for that I didn't want to wear orange shoes * EWW * won't be good
so black it is 
-SSW- Ivory Bow Black Heels

ahhh in this picture I do not wear my regular skin
I liked this one so I wanted to show u 
it's brand new from Envious
called :
:.Envious.: Nanami Skin Single

and for perfect shape try 
*ANNA SHAPES* - Leona *DC 64nd*

New @ CaTwA 3 Oct 2013

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