Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moving out

yayyyyyyy I moved out to an amazing neighborhood
it's beautiful and people there are friendly 
so from now on I am enjoying my life with my family 

but to walk around in a new neighborhood I need to feel special
they call me the fashion lady there
I need to keep that tittle
so guys what do you think of this outfit ?
I took a tour in the place with it
it did catch everyone eyes
so I'll share the style info with u

starting with the hair 
it's brand new from Castellian
[Castellian] Rachel Hair

and THE DRESS!!!! oh caps it's because I LOVE IT very much
it makes me feel sexy and comfortable at the same time !
it's new from ARISKEA
ARISKEA// Omerogic  mesh collections // Outfit 1
ahhhh btw has a great collection of new dresses and fits
let me list the rest for u quickly 

aren't they great ?? 
I told ya ;) :D

any way let's move to that boot !
damit what should I write 
it is just PERFECT
First of all I got all the colors
it has 9 colors
yes 9 !!!
so your fav will be there for sure
it has black , brown , coral , green , purple, silver , taupe , teal & zebra
it's new from Latreia
Latreia- Lejna Brown

I guess by now u know I wear AL VULO skin right ? :D

ooh I do not want to forget to tell you
I pose IOS Hide Face Poses for [Room69]

enjoy your shopping :D

Normal day

Another day in sl , do not make it boring 
enjoy as much as you
go around
meet people 
or tell you what GO SHOPPING
it's fun right :D
for me it feels great to go shopping
specially when u have amazing new releases around
in this picture u can see me wearing brand new things
let's start with this AMAZING LONG hair
it's brand new from RED MINT 
(r)M Hair No.12'13 ( g o l d e n B r o w n s ) 

Also this cute shirt
oh wait a second it has a HUD !! to change textures
so it's not only micky pictue
there are amazing textures fit all styles and tell your man that they can match with u
since there are men version ;)
it's brand new from Delirium style 
D-Style - Hayley Long Vest

and this amazing skinny jeans which I REALLY REALLY love
and think it's great match for my outfit
it's new from NS:: Cutie Store
NS::  Blue Jean ripped  (mesh)

about the shoes and purse
they came in 1 package 
and price will surprise 
go check now ;)
 -SSW- Rockabilly Dots Black / White
ahh btw there are another color if you are interested :D :D 

enjoy your day girls

Friday, September 27, 2013


 Do you love exploring like me ?!

if u do u can visit LONDON CITY in sl
you can go shopping there or even wonder around knowing new people

Do not forget to be sexy and eye catching person when u do that
for perfect look 
you can visit AL VULO skin store and try [Amina] skin
pick your skin tone for me I tried  [ Classy Latte] this time 

ah and do you want perfect shape for it ?
go for 
Suicidal*Euphoria* Shape Jacky

ahhhhhhh never forget about your hair
for this look catwa made a perfect match
now try
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Julia Hair 
get your fav color

I guess at this poit you are wondering about the outfit
as u see in the picture
sexy top 
ahh and btw it's open from back ... BEAUTIFUL I say
no more talk
it's :
[LDP] Bandana Top Sand (Mesh) With Tango appliers

and for me I LOVVVVE long skirts
and in the picture u can see
NS::  Indian skirt (mesh)
FYI : NS STORE is amazing !!!!!

also the shoes is from Latreia
called : Lilayna Tan
lately Latreia makes wonderful designs you must see ;)

and to add pretty touch try 
Baubles! by Phe Artifice for Soho Box
the box contains 
bangles and ring

try this look and you will thank me for choosing this ;)
very eye catchy
very very sexy

Enjoy your shopping and exploring

Fun night

Yesterday night was really fun
I went to sweethearts to dance
and OMG I had more than 20 IMs asking me to go and dance with them
and you know what girls been IMing me too asking me about my look

well It was really special 
so here are my yesterday night secrets of beauty 

My hair dressers was TRUTH 
he made me  Anessa style - NEW-
In  light browns

also I got my dress from Son!a
it's one of son!a's latest releases
called Yola Dress in Candy

for me I was shining as always thanks to AL VOLU skin and shape

come on girls visit these stores and shine like me now !!!

New @ CaTwA 26 Sep 2013

Eagle Mesh Accessories
Buy Online

Dress worn in Julia Add pic: La Fleur
other dresses: CaTwA
Skin: Glam Afair
Eyes Makeup: Al Vulo!
Teleport to

I am all back

Hey guys I am all back now :D
and got a new nanny for the babies so I can update you with the latest 
fashion lines in sl
wait for me

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Babiess !!!

Hello every one :) :)

I am sorry for not posting the last few weeks
I got my babies now yaayy !
triplets :O

but I am start posting again from the next week :D
so I didn't die :P