Monday, June 27, 2016

Not too nerd for the club

Helloooo again ^_^
Hope u r allll doing fine :D
as Sandy I love the nerdy look :P 
but I hate nerdy life looooooool
so I can dress as a nerd and go to club 
what's soo wrong in that ? xD
I won't talk too much about
but if you like nerdy look like me I'll give you quick tips :D

Head :
From : Catwa
Name : CATWA HEAD Alice

Skin applier :
From : Essences
Name : Essences Catwa Appliers [NurainM01]

Hair :
From : Rezology
Name : rezology Butterfly 138 (mesh hair)

Complete outfit
contains :
top , Pant , Glasses and shoes
From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Taylor

Happy shopping ^_^

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