Friday, January 9, 2015

Cozy life

Some of us are looking for huge fancy life 
like living in big castle or villa with theater LOL
_ Yeah what you can'y get in rl LOL ;) _

But some people -like me -
prefer this cozy like
it makes you feel like home and smell family

If you are Type 2 like myself
you have come to the perfect place 
TP now to the perfect store

and get the 
{Greymoon Designs} - The Sunset Cove
or just hit the store on MP 

Yeah it will fit your BIG family 
it has several rooms 
and beautiful large terrace 
It's ( 30/36) size
and if you're wondering about the Prims
it's only 165 !!!

What are u waiting for !!
get your cozy life now ;)

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