Friday, October 4, 2013

New look

Hi again everyone 
hope you are enjoying your sl :D

well today post I wasn't going to do anything but shopping
and I saw these amazing mix and I thought I must share it with you

okay first of all there 's a good news
this adorable skin is FREE !!
group gift actually 
go now and grab it !
none ever can tell it's free
very high quality and comes in 3 tones wooot !

then this new hair from 
called :
[Castellian] Jasmine Hair
go and try the demo then find your hair tone color 

ummm what else
oh yeah 
first I will talk about this shoes !
why ?
okay not only beacuse it's AMAZING and sexy
but also because it is the only good shoes in the market it's color contains my outfit color mix
[ gold , brown and black ] in one shoes
okay more details about it !
it's 1 shoes comes with the hud which contains lots of coloes not only that but also
there are 4 Huds
so A LOT of colors
where from ?
good question 
what does it call ?

they let's talk about this shirt
well it is both shirt n jacket in 1 pack 
comes with hud to mix and match your favorite color 
from :
called :
NS:: Unique Style Vest and Shirt Mesh

and the PANTS !!!
once again I represent you Son!a brand new products
Son!a Rina mesh pants gold
and as it's from son!a by now u should know that there are many colors 
and high quality

I hope you liked my look
enjoy your shopping

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