Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going to club

 This night must be fun !
I am getting ready to go and dance in a club
so how's my look ?!
for me I love it !
so sexy right ?!!!

ah ofc it is I am wearin NEW CaTwA hair which is AMAZING 
go now and try the demo !!! then buy it lol 
called :
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Stella Hair 

and I guess I do NOT need to talk about this dress and shoes
which are coning together in 1 pack
ah with bracelets too
guess what 
it's from Son!a
by saying that I guess u knew how high quality they are
makes me feels sexy and special !!
go now and get
Son!a Alya Mesh Dress + boots mango
u can find many colors ;)

ah about tattoo
it's very nice one from *So&So Design*Store 
called :
*So&So*Steampunk Tattoo

once again this is not my original skin to be honest but it is too good to hide it
it's  AL VULO skin
called :
al vulo- Lyria*  dolly

I guess now I am ready to have some fun !!!!
you too girls ;)
get ready have fun ! <3

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