Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just wow !

Hey guys ! me again LOL

I know I've been posting like a crazy but what should I do ? Second life full of wonderful designs I've nothing to do  0o
anyway This post is not about me at all it's about mah man!!!
well more important than my man , is the amazing new Filthy skin !!
Somehow this store brought life to Male skins , and female ofc but when I saw male I mean it !!!
poor guys can't find the perfect look
but Filthy make them choose between 5 tons and sexy styles
Let's have a look to the new skin Buck 

Those are # 1, 2  In bronze
3,4 In cocoa
awesome right ?
and also can be amazing in a lot of hair styles
such as what listed up there
in 1,2
u can find the hair :
[COLORS] 46 DarkBrown

in 3,4
Ucan find hair
Dura hair - Boy 21
and U dunnu how much I adore this hair when Nour wear them !!!
and I adore 'em more on Buck  skin !

now you can see 
# 5 IN Expresso
with Angel - Bruno_Onyx Hair

# 6 In Fair
With ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mohawk [1] HairStyle/Black-White

# 7 In Ivory
With : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Danni Hair Style "Beanie" -Black Set-

Well I see all tons just amazing and the 7 types are awesome
what you won't believe that each tone pack with the 7 types JUST 1800L$
OmG I remember one Time Nour bought 1 pack from another store was like 7000L$

I bet All my sexy men followers wanna go try it now 
vist the awesome store from HERE

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