Thursday, July 7, 2011

✲✲✲ Feel The beauty of the world ✲✲✲

Hello everyone , I won't just post the style info this time coz this post is so especial I put some of the amazing stores creations together 
Let's start with the first picture above here
Unique MegaStore skin & CaTwA Hair
I won't talk about them coz I my main skin from Unique or I only wear CaTwA hair LOL
I'll talk about them coz I feel so alive or so real while I am wearing them
how amazing Q they make so if you noticed I always love to put catwa hair with unique skin 
I really think they both are #1 stores in sl My God if you didn't visit them U HAVE TO
just watch your wallet I dun want you to get broke ;)

Now let's talk about the amazing Simple dress  from IrEn store
When I say simple I mean it , u feel so right when u wear it, no over load and it has some beautiful colors together so u can use a lot of make ups or shoes colors .
and I am amazed by this awesome tattoo from v3 Tattoo 
and ow it's color matched perfectly with The awesome dress

see nothing wrong with the look even from the back it's perfect

and when it comes to this heel FROM  Gaeline Creations I have to stop for a min to talk about it , and about it alone
Dear God it's like a super heel
I am not just sayin
let's see
first of all 3 colors in 1 >> U will say happen a lot LOL
I'll say it comes also will AWESOME tattooS on it >> U will say  0o I saw that be4
and I'll say 2 thing u will never be able to answer it
1- it changes pictures and colors in the bottom O.O 
amazing and a lot of looks .
2-It doesn't change skin color in the higher graphic 
OMG in PERFECT way !!!
u set the skin color with have TONES of them
and go from low graphic to med , to high to ultra and will find same color with same perfection

Guys I am blogger and saw million of feels this's soo my best 

Now the style info LOL

✲✲ Skin : Unique MegaStore - Blondy_03 ( NEW ) ✲✲

 ♡♡ Shape :Unique MegaStore - Sasha Models Collection Shape ♡♡

 ♡♡ Hair :^;^CaTwA^;^ Luna HairStyle/Black-White ♡♡

 ✲✲Tattoo : v3 Tattoo - Lucky You ( NEW )  ✲✲

✲✲ Dress : ::::IrEn:::: - [IREN] Mrs Louise ( NEW ) ✲✲

 ✔ ✔ ✔ Heels :  Gaeline Creations - *GA* Shoes Donna Berry ( NEW )  ✔ ✔ ✔

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