Friday, July 1, 2011

Out of our world

Hello  everyone :)
This post I can't just put the style info , coz this one is REALLY my best ... 
First off look at the new Hair from catwa .. Do I need to explain how amazing it is ?
I believe I don't .. all I can say I MUST buy it! .

and look at those eyes !!! OMG idk how  F I L T H Y could made this .. so real , I swear God I changed my eyes which I used to wear like forever for those eyes .

and the Body co. .. The store which turn everything upside down for the other skins designers
everything so real , every details is amazing .. If u didn't check this store U would lose half of your life
so save it and go LOL .

Am I me mermaid ? No , not really 
So why do u blog that ? okay I should say When I saw the AMMMMMMMAZING Milti pose from 
LostAngel I wanted to be a mermaid right away . but what made me one that the great mermaid custom from 
Vita's Boudoir . 

everything about this look is so real , I feel life it rl turned into sl .
I really hope u like it half that way I do .

Style info :

Skin , shape : the body co. // Orchid (06 Tan)

eyes :F I L T H Y - :F: Douceur #02

Hair :^;^CaTwA^;^ Hayfa Hair/Chocolate * N E W *

The fit :Vita's Boudoir/Sea Dragon Mermaid

Nails :[MANDALA]Option LONG Nails set/Basic skin nails

the pose :LostAngel - [LA] Undersea Treasure - Poseset  * N E W *


sasha said...

wow omg awesome

sera said...

omg brery pwetty

CuteandPunk Aries said...

ty guys