Thursday, July 14, 2011

Racing freak

This's post look is so simple , afordable and pretty same time
and you can see how everything is HQ and pretty well made

we can start with both skin and hair
skin :*JeSyLiLO*:::Bunny:::*TanSkin*J2
As always JeSyLilo made amazing new skin , in fact it's one of my fav I love how simple and pretty it
is at the same time

Hair :.:EMO-tions.. * EVELYN * /darkred
just notice it will be released on saterday so you have to wait a bit to get the pretty hair hehe
but it looks great
I love the LWR part of it it's pretty and unique

Noe let's talk about the amazing outfit 

Outfit :>>SAD<< Hip Hop II Unisex

I love everything of it
I love how it comes with the shoes and neclace
and btw I am big fan of baggies and this baggy is really great
and in the one pack there's both female / male V

Nails : PIXELFASHION - :)(: NAILS Collection AA

FYI , I will never take these nails off 
it's AMAZING!!!! with great hud for changing colors
girls U can't miss this one !!

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