Friday, July 8, 2011

ㄨ ㄨ It's real me , no faking ㄨ ㄨ

Hello again my amazing followers ,
This post I gonna show you the real me ! no faking at all .. not just to review a good items or fill my passions
with photography and shopping .

This time that's how I really Look ...

2 stores ! I said 'em and will say till my last sl day LOL
okay maybe you will say this girl is CATWA & UNIQUE freak
I soo accept that gladly 

but I want to talk about this hair a Bit 

Hair :^;^CaTwA^;^ Maryam HairStyle / winter blond pack / Color - honey

That was my first Hair I've every biught from CaTwA and since this moment I swear God
I've never wear any hair But Catwa in my Normal life not just as review or photography or fun !

Look how real!!
My words won't describe more than the picture ,will they ?!

Back to the Skin !


My first paid skin in sl was from Unique
every time I change I come back to them till they make sasha 2009
I kept wearing it untill they release this one n only Atena 
I won't talk about anything coz when it comes to Atena 
I am speechless 
My forever skin always

Be4 I talk about the outfit ,
why black?
I am hybrid ( 1/2 Vampire , 1/2 Lycan ) so that explains a lot :P
now about the outfit LOL
1 world  A W E S O M E

 SZD -  Darkness

Simple black !
and I NEEDLESS to say that SZD one of my fav clothing stores
becoz It's really one hehe

 Opium WedgePumps Mt

Opium ...
well let me say ,
Go east .. go west Opium is the Best LOL 
okay that was stoopd from me I know Lmao
but it's truth
I go alot of places
ttry alot of shoes , heels  boot every kind and they're Good can't say a word
but always I come back to Opium
it's stuff
affordable ( pretty much )
Changing color 
lots of unique Ideas 

So Guys that was me 
♥♥ hope you like it ♥♥

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