Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meli Imako - Valentine Kiss

Hello everyone :)
Hope You're all having a great day

Valentine is coming and everyone is looking for the perfect Fit !

Today I am going to tell you about very amazing and creative way to get ready for the beautiful day

Meli Imako

Amazing store which sell it's creations - FULL PERMISSIONS -
This is not the only thing I want to mention !

It sells it's items for THE LOWEST Price and THE HIGHEST Quality
The Best seller in Market Place
Always updated, and you can find it for each occasion 

For example - Upcoming Valentine , you can fit it release for valentines -
Not only what I show in pictures
But also more creations for valentines
it gives you many different Styles

ALL the creations come with more than 1 texture color
you can use it or use your own special textures for the design
5 mesh sizes 
alpha textures 
Shadow and UV maps

It's the perfect choice for all kind of designers 
from beginners to professional

Let me Give you names of the Tux and Dress then 
full informations about the store and where can you find it !!

Tux :  Men's Valentine's Day Suit
Dress : Sheath Dress

Now The Store :


The theme Garden Review : Here

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