Saturday, February 14, 2015

Catwoman in the Desert

Hello guys ^_^ 
Hope you're all doing fine 

Today I am bringing you quick tip 
for roleplay and super heros lovers 

CatWoman custom !
it's funny because the movie is old but I just saw it 2 days before I saw this outfit
so I got really excited and I decided to review it for you 

It's 100% mesh full custom
comes with advanced hud so you can control the colors and shine in every detail
all sizes are available 
and fit mesh too

I wear mesh avatar and it looks perfect
as well as it has alpha layers so can fit classic avatars 

I am really happy with it and I am sure if u tried it u will be Happy too 

Name : *GA* Clothes - Catwoman Complete Outfit

Also if you wonder
I wear my Hair
From : CATWA
Name : CATWA HAIR Victoria
and just so you know catwa moved 
so the new LM

Have an amazing day xoxo

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