Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine day


It's the day guys !
The day which I was making all my previous posts for 1 month about ^_^
I wish all happy valentine day
I wish you can enjoy it 

It's not just me who wish you Happy Valentine day

Meli Imako

Meli wishes u amazing valentine with her AMAZING set of creations for valentine!!
I already showed you some of Valentine's day creations from Meli before
and here's another 2 amazing products

First The lingerie

Second the Balloons 
If the picture is not clear let me get closer shot

Let me remind you what kind of products Meli's sells 
It's full permission Products
can be used for resell or personal use 

it's also the cheapest Full perms product on the gird !
comes with many example textures
and as u see 
high quality !!

Follow Meli's @ Store info :

What else do you see in the picture ?!

Sandy's Hair 

Marco's Hair CATWA HAIR Tom 

Marco's Outfit 
Melak Fashion 

Enjoy your Valentine everyone

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