Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome home

Hey guys ^_^

Hope today is a good day for all of u

In some of my decoration previous posts
I told you I'll show u my new house

and Yeah I change houses a lot LOL
I can't help it when I find beautiful high quality house
and big enough for my big family 

and this is one of the best
very big and only 400 Prims

Let me show u :D

Ohhh Lalaaaaa :D

Perfection xD

now I'll show you quick pictures of the house sides and back

Now I'll show you the house from inside

The house is NOT furnitured 
I just decorated some of as an example of what you can do
and for me ofc :P

I really love the entrance!!

The house come with Kitchen ... you can keep it or change it
In the pictures the kitchen was changed

Overall picture of upstairs

all these kinds of the rooms u saw and still there're empty 6 rooms !

such amazing house honestly !!!
I'd rate it 5/5 !!!
Let me give you some basic info about it :
From : {Greymoon Designs}
Name : Victoria Estates
Price: L$ 1085
Prims :

Fashion tips

From : analog dog
Name : .b - crystal 

From : { joli } Mainstore
Name : {joli} Cropped Tee 

From : ! ODDITY Main Store
Name : ODDITY PANTS ~Pioneer~ Worn Leather

@OLALA Event 

From :Label Motion 
Name : Label Motion - Set for TDRF#57

Enjoy it 

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