Tuesday, February 17, 2015

He's a baby boy

Hello everyone ^^
Missed updating u soo much

But I am really a big busy with my store
But I couldn't stop blogging actually

sooo Today I am bringing u such amazing product

it's a baby shower party
Let me show you pictures !!

It's really unique I have never seen such amazing baby shower party like it!!
and this is not the only color
there's 3 colors for baby boys
and 3 for baby girls

Let me update u with info <3
From :  Your ♥ Dreams
Name : Baby Shower - It's a boy {blue}
Price : L$ 3000
Prims : 1066

what about fashion ? ^^

From : Catwa
Name : CATWA HAIR Aimee

Head band:
From :  Tabou Irresistible
Name : Head Pearls Cream - puder flower - Gachas - 

From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Sando

From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Nagla White heel

Enjooy <3

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