Monday, February 9, 2015

Perfect date

Hey guys ^_^

hope you're all fine :)

it's only few days for valentine 
and I keep trying to get you all the amazing creations for it

today's product can be really perfect for Valentine
it's simple
can be anywhere 
and can make perfect date!

This is not normal table 

I am serious !

It contains A LOT of animations 
you can never imagine how amazing is it 
There're 2 version of it

Today I am reviewing the PG because as u know we don't review +18 items 
Let me showing u A SAMPLE of the animations inside !!

As I mentioned these were just sample of the animations in there
Also you have big menu of food 
so you can get what you desire 

Let me give u basic info :

From : *~Aphrodite Shop~* 
Name : Valentine "Royal"  Couple Silver Table (PG) 
Prims : 21
Price : L$ 1150


From: [LaVian&C0] 
Name : [LaVian&C0] HOMME F/W2015- Steam Punk Bandit Hoodie/Pants 1

From : TRUTH
Name : TRUTH HAIR Sally

From : Melak Fashion 
Name : ::MF:: Margo Red

Happy shopping

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