Monday, February 2, 2015

Lonely Times

Hey guys
hope you're all doing great ^_^

Yeah it was lonely time
after my bf and mom loged off
so I thought of making post but I was lazy same time lol

So I decided not to go out of my house
I took picture of my bedroom

Which is mix and match of greatest creations in sl all times
I got like the best parts of each room to make my own sepcial room

First I'll show you overall room 

Great, isn't it ?!

and now I'll show you each part and it's credit !

This part is taken of one from the most amazing bedrooms in secondlife
I havn't reviewed it in details here before
so Let's agreed it's part of a room not all
because originally it has TV and Armchairs and more items!
but speaking of this 
the bed and rug are texture changable 
and have some wonderful realistic animation 
the product is sold in 2 versions 
General version 
with no +18 animation
and Mature Version with full animation 

now I am showing u the menus of the Mature version 


Let me tell you the credit of the Room 

Name : The Loft - Tribeca Bed Mature

Now this part 
It has been taken from wonderful room as well 
and I made full review about it before

But Let me remind you of the credit of the full room
if you are lazy to check the full review LOL

Name : TA 212 Bed Set 
From : :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture

These 2 sets
First the vanity
I made full review about it too

And reminder if The vanity basic info 
From : < HEART HOMES >
Name :  "Coco" Vanity Set for Women 
Prims : 10
Price : L$575

- the small table with the flower belong to the first part room -
Finally the 2 armchairs and Bag 
comes from amazing living room
also I reviewed it fully before

Reminder of basic info about the full living room
From : :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture
Name : TA 212 Couch Set
I guess Now I cover all the basic info of all parts of the mixed Bedroom
Now the fashion Part

From : CATWA
- Coming soon ... -

From : MAAI
Name : MAAI Ivana Zebra lingerie * Red
More colors available

From : .: KC :. Couture

Mirror Pose 
From : Aerial poses
Name : AE/PoseMe - Mirror Black Wood

Happy shopping

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