Monday, February 2, 2015

Stay home or go out ?

Hey guys ^_^
hope you all doing great xD

Actually I was ready to go out with my friend but then we started 
talking in our new house LOL
I'll show it to u later xD

and we did sit down to try the animation
and we kept trying and take picture since it amazed us :D :D

so I wanted to show u
what made us forget about our date and stay home :D

so there are the picture

overall picture

Now closer pictures and menus of each item

Then I wanna show u sample of the animations
just the ones I took for fun LOL xD

This is really awesome Living room
one of the best I saw
I loved how it contain slow dance and some amazing activites

I won't talk too much I'll just give the info :

From : <HEART HOMES> for Aphrodite Shop.
Name : "Industrial" Couple Living Room Set 
Prims : 43
Price : L$ 1400

Now the fashion Tips \0/

Paul's :

From : GAS Clothing Company 
Name : GAS [Mens MESH Hoodie Jacket Game - 11x7 colors w/HUD]

Pant and Shoes 
These are taken from Full outfit
From : {Greymoon Designs}
Name : {Greymoon Designs} Tempe Male Outfit Mesh


From : CATWA
Name : CATWA HAIR MissFortune 

From : Addams - Clothing & Footwear 
Name : Addams // Jacket Suit with Shirt
The Jacket include shirt but not listed in the pictures
- I love mix and Match - LOL
and some many options - for example role up shoulder or not -
The Fatpack HUD

From : Sky Main Store
Name : Sky - Whispers Corset Top 8 Color
The Hud coloes

From : {joli} Mainstore
Name : {Joli} Batty High Waisted Leggings
More colors available

From : [Mundos] Mainstore 
Name : [Mundos] Ares Heels_TMP,Belleza,Maitreya&Slink

From : Overlow Poses
Name : Overlow Poses - Pack 12

E N J O Y 

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