Friday, February 6, 2015

Pretty life

Hello guys ^_^
hope you're doing great !

Sorry I've been late updating you today
but I had very busy day

I hope tomorrow I can update you more :D

about my post today
Do you know what is pretty life for me ?

it's cozy family life <3 <3

And Just yesterday
I saw AMAZING house 
the mix both of cozy and family style qualities
with high details low prims mesh 

This is it !!!

I didn't want to talk much 
I always love pictures speaks for me :P

such wonderful house 

Let me show the details of it 

The house comes with 

Controller and Teleporter systems

Now let me get you The info :

From : .:Bee designs:. 
Name : .:Bee designs:. Kahili House 
Prims : 672 - with furnitures -
Price : L$ 3200


Now the Fashion tips 

From : analog dog
Name : AD - BAM! 

From : [FLRN] 
Name : [FLRN] Alicia Dress

From : !! maci 
Name : !! maci ~ Athena Boots

From : Aerial poses
Name : Bag poses (4) 

The beautiful theme from 
Mystical Rental

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