Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine preparations

Hello everyone ^_^
Valentine is coming YaaaaaaY :D :D :D

I know everyone will look forward to enjoy this day :D
but where will you go ?!! o.0

Let me tell u :D :D 

here !!!
ofc click the picture for clearer view !!

clicked and you still can't figure out the details?
alright xD
Let me take you in a quick tour and explain everything :D

my favorite part LOL
when you enter , you will be greeted by a cute Golden with
come re flowers in his mouth
Isn't that adoraaaaaaaable ? :@

okayyy let's get the point

then you will find in front of you

you can sit there ofc lol

then you can go left or right 
u have other 3 sections 

let me show u the piano section !

Ladies! in your valentine he has to play piano for u xD

it's soo romantic :D

also u can have dinner together 

OMG let me talk about the animations !!!

for once I thought sl will have no new animation
the regular once
look at each other
but here these were not enough !!
You know what ?
Guys , you can hold her hand
girls , you can feed him

I won't talk about the romantic poses and the kisses !!!
you have to figure out yourself how amazing this is !!

on the other side you can find these 2 sections !!

sooo here you can have your private time !!!

like this !

LOOOL kidding !!!
you won't just sit like that !!!
it's valentine !!!
get some romantic time 
or  have *cough* sex *cough* LOL

umm I can read someone mind saying
I don't have a date and I am going with my friend out 
can't have fun ?!

Yes hun u can
some sweet friends poses there
Valentine is love
and love for everyone ;)

these last 2 pictures is just example of the animations in the last section 
there are many of them

If you have your own land and want to spend it privately at home
this is your perfect choice !!

and if you can sim owner and want to put something new
for valentine for your visitors to have fun, This is your perfect choice

it's 349 prims 

It's from :
*M.Law Designs*
What is the name of the product ?
.:M.LAW:. Pure Romance Gran Pier 

I havn't for got the fashion tip ;) 

This is our look 

What Paul wear :

What I wear ?

Hair :
From : Analog Dog Hair 
AD - Angel

Dress :
From : **Asteria Creations** 
Asteria Creations - Princess Maria Gown Set - Black
Many colors available 

Shoes :
From : .: KC :. Couture 

Enjoy ^_^

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