Saturday, January 24, 2015

His favorite ride

Hello guys again ^_^
hope u r doing well :D :D

this post was suppose to be made by me and Paul but he's sick :/
and he had to go to sleep
 ♥ hope u recover fast Paul 
actually this bike you you see in the picture is his favorite ride , he loved it once he saw it 
since he was looking for something like this for long time

here's close picture of the Bike
since h

and we will go on a road and have fun playing around with it ^_^

Let me give you basic info about the Bike 
From : Turlaccor Custombike Store
Name : Duca Monster S2R1000

and since Paul went offline I took the bike and went to drive in quiet place
hopefully I could learn how to drive lol :D

let me show you some pictures and tell you about the fashion xD

Front picture

Back picture
Standing picture
Now the Tips ^_^

Hair :
From : TRUTH
 Name :TRUTH HAIR Topaz -  black & whites

Top & Pant :
From : Delirium Style 
Top Name : :: D-Style - Turtleneck Cropped Attitude w.HUD ::
Pant  Name : :: D-Style - Underground Baggy w.HUD :: Unisex

Close Picture

From : ^^Swallow^^
Name :^^Swallow^^Backpack-Dark Secret-Born Killer-RARE

Closer Picture

From .: KC:. Couture

Enjoooooooooy ^_^

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