Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's NOT because of his car

Hello  guys and girls 

Hope u are having a good day ^_^ 
Today I am posting a car topic :D

and of course I love my Boyfriend for him not for his car
LOL just saying :D :D

Today I am bringing you brand new car 2015 model !
it's one of the best in second life so far

so fantastic
and yeah ( boys be careful , some girls might want u for that ;) )
just saying too :P :D

Simply This care come from :
and if you're into cars you must know what P&W means!!
Unique , perfect looking , fast , power and technique 
it's not that kind of cars that u would through in the garage !

Car name : ..:: P&W M-Tang 2015 ::..
The Market place link 
InWorld Store

now I am telling you the fashion tips 
what I wear :

Hair :
I don't think it still in sl it's too old but I love it !!

GizzA - Brooke - Draped Vest [Black] 
Many colors are available

Skirt :
from : Al-Hanna
Sexy Mini Skirt Mesh*Al-Hanna
Marketplace link :

Boot :
MAAI Dani boots * Black 

Now , what Paul wears :
Pant :
GAS [Men MESH Chino Pants Madrid]

 GAS [Mens MESH Boots Arizona]

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