Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The smart house

Hello everyone :D

hope you're doing good ^_^
this's another house for you to review 

To be honest this is not my house 
but I promised I only post what I like
and Yeah I like it

it's mesh and it rezz or load too fast
it doesn't have rezz box it's one piece 

you as simple as that
you just rezz it pooof it's there LOL

3 floory 
it doesn't really has a lot of rooms but if you want huge bedroom 
and maybe mixed with private bathroom 
the 3rd floor will be the best for you

I recommend it for small family 
like a couple and baby
or single people 
because it doesn't have a lot of rooms inside

I'll show you more pictures of the house to get clear view 

the last picture is my favorite side of the house
just saying lol :D

and ofc I pictured the house from the inside
The first floor

The second one

and the last one

if you didn't notice from the pictures
the house contains of 3 balconys 
and 3 doors for entrance 

also the house includes panel system for control!!
this control consist of 
block windows
locking the door 
and allowing only owner or group to control !!

More info about the size and prims 
180 prims
fully mesh
Price : L$ 1499 

The house is from
KTZ Store & Houses
called : Janadash ( KTZ House )

Get from MP

Also you can visit KTZ inworld

hope I could help you today with this
Enjoy ^_^

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