Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Hero

Hey guys ^_^

Hope you're doing great
yeah this post showing hurt girl and her hero xD
but for me I don't need strong man to save my life to be my hero ^_^
just his care and love make him the best hero in my life :D :D

let me show u the main elements of this picture :D

First the building and the damaged car 

From :[C a r o X] Prefabs
Name : [C a r o X] Dirty old Barn
at the moment C a r o x is looking for bloggers
if you like the products and wanna apply plz Click here

Then the amazing Realistic car 

and this care deserve more just than a picture
let me tell some of it's amazing features 

**rich equiped version

**Free updates

 ✔ Extreme realistic vehicle, 100 % mesh
 ✔ Exclusive Texture and Shadows
 ✔ Low prim - high quality
 ✔ Low lag

✔ Comes with a drive hud
✔ You wll get a NEW GESTURE in order to customize your car and make it unique! Following settings can be changed with this gesture:
Gas intensity
Braking intensity
Driving in mouse-look mode
Keyboard use
Driving permission for everybody
Owner-only use
Automatic transmission
Manual transmission
✔High quality indoors
✔High quality external appearance
✔Incredible light effects
✔Internet TV
✔Two seats ( driver and co-driver )
✔ON/OFF Xenon ( realistic front lights ); realistic brake lights
✔5-gear shift, reverse gear ( automatic/manual )
✔Realistic sound effects
✔Only 77 prims ( big version )
✔Only 63 prims ( D2 version )
✔Drive in mouse look mode (( for a realistic driving pleasure ))
✔Drive in free camera mode - to see from every angle while driving
✔Steer with keyboard
✔Steer with mouse

✔New sex menu
  -160 POSES
  -SEX - 3SOME
  -FF - MF

Hud contents

-Speed display
-Rpm display
-Gear indicator
-Parking indicator
-Signal indicators
-Drift angle indicator
-Front car light control
-Front indicator control
-Neon light control

Some other pictures of the Car :

From : ..::P&W Design::..
Name : ..::P&W::.. 35RX V8 


Now some Fashion Tips :


Shirt , Pant , Shoes
From : GAS Clothing Company
Pant Name :GAS [Mens MESH Chino Pants Madrid - 9 colors with HUD]
Shirt Name : GAS [Mens MESH Tank Top Basic - 10 colors with HUD]
Shoes Name :GAS [Mens MESH Boots Arizona - 3 colors with HUD]


Hair :
From : .Olive. Mainstore
Name : .Olive. the Cupcake
Bloggers application is open untill Jan 31st Click here

Full Outfit :
From : {Greymoon Designs}
Name : {Greymoon Designs} Val Outfit 

The pose on the Main picture
From : [tea.s]
Name :  [tea.s] Trust in you - couples

Enjoy ^_^

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