Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spread the Love

Hello Guys and Girls ^_^
Hope you're having wonderful day

Finally I finished my exams \o/ \o/ \o/
and I'll start focus more on my second life :P

idk why am I telling u this but I am happy so I wanted to share the news hahaha

Soo The valentine again !!
so close :D :D

I want everyone to share some unique moments 
so I am here to spread the love :D :D 

I am going to show u today 

This !!!

it is kind of ... PERFECTION !!
perfectly made
high detailed!!!
just P E R F E C T

I loved it once I saw it and I loved it more when I tried it with Paul!!

Let me share what I saw with you 

First this is the same but from another view

saw the light ?!
I love that :D

so the place contain 2 section 
the sofa and the boat 

First the boat 

when you and your loved one sit you will get menu showing the animations 

This is the boat menu 

it has a lot of wonderful animation ofc I couldn't picture them all but let me show 
some samples 

the 4 picture are from the cuddles menu 
because I don't share - Adult - + 18 in my blog :P
but also it's new animations
and unique as the cuddles 

then we get to the sofa part
when you sit there it has a menu too 
but this time
with more options and more animations 
and more fun ;) xD

This the menu 

and I'll show u samples from

Ofc you can click the pictures for bigger and clearer view

There're single animations too
by sitting on the rug or pillow 

From : *M.Law Designs* 
MP : Here
The Product name : .:M.LAW:. Maresias Pier 
Prims : 93
Material : Mesh
Price : 399

But What about fashion here ?
Wanna know what me and paul wore while trying this ?

Full body picture first

and then The info 
Full Outfit 
From : Hanauma Bay Clothiers
The outfit name : Day at the Rink

Hair :
From : Calico Kitty Shops
Hair name : *Calico* Melora

Necklace :

From : Swallow
Necklace Name : ^^Swallow^^ Necklace HeartWings
The hud has more colors !!

Outfit :
From : Sky Main Store 
Outfit Name : Sky - Valentina Dress 

Shoes :

From :  .: KC:. Couture
Name : .:KC:. EVA for Slink High & Belleza Venus

Happy shopping :D

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