Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Catwa is coming !!!

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Hey girls :D
hope you're all fine ^_^

Have you missed Catwa Hair releases ?!
for my I do
Catwa is my favorite store in all times !!

anyways here's the news
Catwa is delaying her releases due to updating her inworld store !
and Guess what ?!
- Catwa Clip - ( Catwa's hair store designer ) built the whole store herself !!!
she didn't use any builder !!
and Guess what ?! it came out WONDERFUL !!

I am really speechless !!
she made it perfectly with high quality and amazing details !!
here's a sneak peak from catwa's entrance !!
and it's only the entrance !!! imagine how amazing the rest of the store !!

the store will be opened very soon
and catwa promised  new amazing releases after the store opening 
and many wonderful event participating 

I am sooo excited can't wait for the great opening !!!

and btw let me give u some quick fashion tip of what I wear 
in the picture ^_^ :D

Hair :

Dress :
GizzA - Stacey Dress [Tweed Black]
Other colors are available 

Boot :
Latreia/DStyle- Stomp Grunge B
Other color are available 

Hope you enjoy the news
and have a happy shopping ^_^

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