Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dancing all the time

hey everyone ^_^
I know that the most common thing in sl is dancing and clubs 
but after the mesh invaded second life 
you can't find the perfect place for dancing !

If I wanted to open club nowdays
I'd look for high quality unique building
so you can own the nice view and the look
that 'd get me more people for sure
and that what 'd make me different !!

Also some of people like to have everything in one place
like me lol
I don't like to spend time out of my home
that's why I bought huge land 
I wanted to have everything in it
including having a club

mesh one - I LOVE MESH - LOL

so let me give the information :
..::[P&W]::.. Club PEAK 
The Market place link 
InWorld Store

Info :
609 Prim 4096 smq
Price : L$15,000
Low lag

Hope u enjoyded it

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