Monday, January 26, 2015

Live your life Happily

Hello guys ^_^
Hope u r doing fine 
and hope u are all have happy life
coz if u don't , u need to have happy life !!

Life is should u need to live it happily ^_^

and today I wanna show u something really made my day
and made me spend one of the wonderful days in my life ^_^

Is it Not clear enough?

Yeah wonderful swimming Pool 

and let me show u picture of each part of it ^_^

OFC you can click each picture for better view !!!

Now about the animation !!

we start with the pool itself

The pool poses
and I pictured [some] of them

Then the towel beside the pool

The animation types
and I took a pictures of some of them

then we have 2 types of chairs

single animation only and couple or single animation 

we start with the single animation 

then the other type

and only few of them are pictured

Then we have the DJ 

One animation shooted
the massage room

Adult animations is not shooted 

Isn't this just wonderful !!!!
you need to get some full and try this out

Let me tell u info of it ^_^

Basic info about the product :

From : Bee Designs
Name : .:Bee Designs:.Kahala poo
Prims: 180
Price: L$ 590


Now the fashion tips ^_^

Paul's Fashion :

From : *ARGRACE*

Swimming Suit 
From : *CS* & !SW! Store
Name : *CS* -MESH!- Nano Surfer Red Board Shorts

Sandy's Fashion 

From :  *ARGRACE*

Swimming suit 
From :  GizzA Creations 
Name : GizzA - Sunshine Swimsuit

Name : *GA* Shoes Stefani Flip Flops Berry Suede

From : :Belle Poses: 
Name : :Belle Poses: Laugh & Love

If wanna rent in a beautiful place
like this land in the picture 
From : Mystical Rentals
Plz visit :

Enjoy it ^_^

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