Friday, January 16, 2015

Sneak peek to my little sister room

Hello everyone ^_^
this my second post today
it's not about fashion or moments loool
it's about kids

If you don't know 
I adooooooore kids
I started second life in 2005 and I chose to be kid avatar - well I was young - shh it's our secret lol
back there we as kids didn't have the chance to get these cute things
just we had to shrink things and say yayyy they're made for kids
now days kids in sl are so spoiled and have very cute little things

so I wanted to show u some tips of how to get your kids / little sister / little friend
a cute adorable room

the whole set expect few things are coming from
called : Boho chibi

then the clothes on the ground  also from ★AR★
but it's taken from another set 
called: Chloe teen 

the pink decoration 
come from : +Half-Deer+
and called : +Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep III - Sleepover

the puppy :
come from : Zooby 

I hope u all enjoyed it
and wish u all blessed life
catch ya later :*

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