Friday, January 23, 2015

princess Jessica

Hello everyone ^_^

Let me introduce you my Sister
Jes Vemo
Princess Jessica 

and no this is not her room LOL
I was in process to decorate my new house
amd choosing a room for my future daughter :D :D:D 
and suddenly Jes came and kept jumping on the bed
saying I am the only princess in the house :P 

She's too much LOL :D

anyways let me show u the room which I started my search with !
it's adorable
castle bed and it's the perfect fit for the princesses ^_^ 

Ofc this is not the whole room
I am just show each part 

ah and about the bed if you click it without standing you will get this menu

and if you sit then click it you will get this menu 

really it's perfect for kids and family time

Really adorable room
perfect for your princesses ^_^

Basic information about the room 

From :  ★AR★ 
Name : * AR * - Princess Kaia
Prims : 134
Price: L$ 1000

Happy shopping ^_^

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