Monday, January 19, 2015

The wedding ain't ready Yet

Hello everyone :D

Hope you're all doing good xD
Okay In case you don't know , I am getting married soon xD
So I thought I can do some wedding investigations X_X
Yeah ofc I want the perfect wedding !!

so I went there 
and I really loved what I saw
Let me explain !!

This design has 3 rezzing boxes with 3 sepreated places
First place 
The one I listed above 
and to take a closed look
I gonna show u

The chairs
I wanted to share it to show u how cute it is
with ( I love you ) on it ^_^
the each chair has 2 options 
the first
how can u set the access , for yourself ( owner ) or for ( group )
and how u make adjustment to fit the avatar

second is the animation option 
each chair as 2 animation 
cute female and cross legs for male

The second section is


I snaped the shot on night mood to show u the glitter 

and ah another thing
the light
off light
on light

and here there's a cute pose for the bride and groom

in this place each sofa has 2 animations 
the same in the chairs 
the last part is

It's where u get the cake and party 

and here's a close look 

the cute table 

the cake table 

This product is perfect for you to buy and set your own wedding !!!
better than going for agency !!

and ofc if you are agency and u seek high quality product it's perfect for you 

Where can you get it ?
Your Dreams store

The Product name :
:: Wedding Verano ::

Extra info :
Prims : 636
Chairs in the first section : 40 
Price : 3200

okayy ofc I want to share with you what I was wearing

Hair :
From : Analog Dog Hair 
Hair Name : one trick pony

Dress :
[LaVian&C0] FW2015 Hollaback Girl 
Many colors available 

Shoes :
[Al-Hanna] Classic Pumps Mesh (Mid)
Many colors available

I don't want to forget the beautiful place where I took these shots

To rent Skybox or land with wonderful theme like this from Mystical Rentals plz visit 
The theme used is : Spring

Enjoy :*

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